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Open hours: Mon. - Fri. 4:30pm - 7:30pm / Sat. 12:30pm - 5pm / Sun. 12:30pm - 6pm
Community Gun Issues

What is going on in the local shooting community?

What is the best range in town?

Why do you shoot there?

How frustrated are you with the backlog of CCW permits in SD Sheriff’s office?

There have been a string of home invasion in the area recently.  Have you had a talk with your family members about what to do, if and when, an intruder enters your residence?  Do you have an emergency action plan for your house and do you run drills?  How do you engage/educate the anti-gun crowd?  What was the last firearms course you attended and what were the major takeaways from the course.  What is the local shooting community lacking?

How and where can SD AMMO fill that void?  We aim to be good stewards of gun rights, and ownership in the gun community.  It is this level of engagement that will take us all there collectively.

Who is Buying What and Why?

We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are shopping with a purpose.  Our staff is looking to engage you, our customer, and truly understand your needs and wants.  We want to know what your buddies are shooting; what kind of firearm and ammo, what optics are they running on it?  What did you like or dislike about it?  What do you carry or shoot, and why?  The last thing we want to happen, is for a customer to leave our shop, and not feel as if their needs were fulfilled.  We will take the time to advise you on what we feel is the best piece of gear to serve your need.  This means that if the gear we sell you turns out to be cheaper in cost, not quality, than the high dollar gear you originally sought, we’ve done our job.

What is our Focus?

We sell AMMO!  Specifically, NATO calibers and everything else, because this is where we first see shortages in the ammunition market, when the geo-political situations in the Middle East take a turn for the worse, or when national level agencies simultaneously purchase in BULK.

We will also sell what we feel are the best self-defense firearms on the market.  How we identify the best self-defense firearms by looking at a few factors; size, magazine capacity, round weight, and safety features.

One of our associates, Scott Howell of TAC-5 in Huntsville, AL – developed a sound algorithm that determines the best concealed carry firearm for CCW permit holders.

We use this algorithm as one of the guiding principles to identify the best gun for you, the shooter.  In addition to Scott’s algorithm, we also pay close attention to the reviews associated with guns that make Scott’s list.

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