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Task Force- Zombie llc
“Leaving the undead Lying Face Down.”

TF-Zombie Ammunition was developed by two former Navy SEAL combat wounded veteran brothers to serve as the world’s elite global hunting zombie task force. Our vision was to create an exclusive line of precision ammunition designed to arm, and defend humanity against all forms of evil… even the undead.

We use the Task Force as the focal point to emphasize the importance of warriors working as a unit. We’re not just targeting zombies. Our mission is to merge and coalesce the zombie, doomsday prepper/ survivalists, and guns & ammo communities into a global organization that draws relevant, actionable knowledge from experts across the country, and globe… and have fun while we’re doing it. Rather than just a conceptual idea, we have developed a product line of ammunition tested and given the SEAL of approval by several Team Guys from the special operations, SWAT, military and law enforcement communities, as well as avid hunters and firearms instructors. Our exclusive TF-Z Ammunition product line is manufactured by our partner company, Lakeshore Ammunition. Our rounds use a Hornady SST, V-MAX, A-MAX and HPBT projectiles are some the best you can buy.

We will take the fight to our enemies through superior firepower, unconventional tactics, and precision headshots… but most of all as an elite brotherhood of zombie hunters giving humanity the upper hand.

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